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This Photo of Cereal in a Baby Bottle Set Off a Fiery Facebook Fight

A dad from Chicago took to Facebook and got tongues wagging about the practice of putting cereal in a baby's bottle.

This Photo of Cereal in a Baby Bottle Set Off a Fiery Facebook Fight

No matter what you post on the internet these days, you're opening yourself up to a bevy of judgment -- especially as a parent. So, it's no wonder that a dad named Tyrese Loyd is at the center of a fiery debate after taking to Facebook to share a photo of his baby's bottle, as prepared by his brother. Loyd appears to have asked his brother to put "2 scoops of cereal" in the LO's bottle. What he meant: Add infant rice cereal to the baby's formula or breast milk, an old-school trick that some believe helps babies sleep better. What his brother did: Add adult cereal!

"So I asked my lil brother to make the baby a bottle last night and put 2 scoops of cereal in it 😡 😡 this the thanks I get for not doing it myself☹️😂😂😂😂😂😂," Loyd wrote alongside the image of a baby bottle filled with colorful cereal. 

Commenters quickly swooped in to weigh in on the cereal trick. "It's not recommend anymore to put baby cereal in the baby bottle anymore," one wrote. "It is just empty calories there is no nutritional value. It will cause the baby to gain unnecessary weight." Others defended the practice, like one commenter who wrote, "I have put cereal in baby bottles for decades. It helps them sleep through the night because they have a full belly."

Since the photo was shared on November 5, it's racked up 7.6K comments and more than 53K shares. Wow.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics' experts, "A baby’s digestive system is not thought to be well prepared to process cereal until about 6 months of age. ... What's more, putting cereal in the bottle is considered by some to be a form of force-feeding that can cause babies to 'overdose' on calories."

The silver lining of the controversy? Loyd's post served as something of a PSA on how parents might want to avoid this antiquated practice!