This Photo of a Mom Pumping at Work Is All Kinds of Epic

See why this multitasking mom's photo is going viral.

Wondering what a lunch break looks like for a nursing mom back at work? Check out Melissa Bressler, the mutlitasking new mama whose breast pumping pic posted on a popular nursing support Facebook page is now going viral.

In the image, the radiation therapist is seen sporting a hands-free nursing bra while eating lunch at her desk and working on her computer.

Pump on, girl!

Bressler works at a radiation oncology center that is open in the afternoon, and the mom to a 1-year-old told the Huffington Post that one of her coworkers stumbled upon the pumping scene and was so thrilled she asked to take a picture. Bressler then sent the resulting image to Breastfeeding Mama Talk, because she'd been so inspired by the community while nursing her daughter over the last year.

Apparently, breastfeeding did not come easy to the new mom, who said she dealt with latching issues and had to meet with a lactation consultant to make it work. Now she hopes the success on display in her photo—which has been on the site just a week and already has more than 12,000 likes and 300 comments—will help give faith to other nursing mothers.

"The love my photo received is overwhelming," Bressler said. "I hope women are inspired by it and know that they too can still provide breast milk for their baby even if they are a student or working mother."

Way to go, Mama. Thanks for showing us all what a true boss woman looks like!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on twitter at @holleewoodworld.

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