This Pampers Video About Motherhood Will Give You Goosebumps 25472

Can I make a confession? Every year on my son's birthday, I try to steal a moment and give myself a little pat on the back. For the excruciating hours I labored in the delivery room. For all the soupy, smelly diapers I've changed. For the countless books and articles I've read so I could be a better parent. For the long nights spent rocking him back to sleep. As much as I love being a mom -- and I very much do -- it's not the easiest gig out there, and I think there's something to be said for acknowledging the hard work every now and then.

Pampers Japan is right there with me and devoted an entire commercial to us mothers (h/t Huffington Post). In the tearjerker of an ad, we see moms taking their babies for their first-year checkup. They talk frankly to the pediatrician about their child's progress but also about their first year as a mom. "I was so unsure when she was first born," one woman says. "I'd worry myself to tears almost every day." Another wondered, "Am I doing this right?" (Sound familiar?)

But more interesting than that were the goings-on in the hall outside the doctor's office. Dads were setting up a surprise party, but the guest of honor wasn't their newly minted one-year-old. It was mom, who was also celebrating her first year as a parent. There was cake, yes, but also (and here's where I start bawling) photos and signs celebrating them and their commitment to their families. "I almost cried when you first said 'hello' to our son," one dad wrote on a sign. "Thank you for deciding to do this," wrote another.

Grab the tissues and watch the full video below. (And be sure to turn on the video captions, unless you speak Japanese.)

Tell us: How has motherhood been for you so far? What has surprised you the most?

Screen shot of video courtesy of Pampers Japan