This Mom's Viral Diaper Bag Trick Is Truly Cool

A mother from California shared her hack for diaper bag organization on Facebook.

Even the most detail-oriented, organized mom is bound to find herself digging through her diaper bag for that one thing she can't find, at some point or another. And that struggle is so relatable that one mom's diaper bag hack is winning her praise from parents all over the internet.

A mom from California named Elizabeth Rasco shared her diaper bag hack on Facebook. With a thin elastic headband, Elizabeth attached a pack of diaper wipes to the top of a regular wipes dispenser box. By doing this, she was able to create a whole bunch of space inside the box, where she stashed emergency onesie, plastic bags for dirty diapers and clothes, and a disposable changing pad. Amazing!

Check out her Facebook posts, which illustrate the beauty that is her DIY creation.

Surely, tons of moms will be less stressed as a result of trying this hack. Props to this smart mama!


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