California mom of two Brittni Medina's post to the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk is going viral. 

Brittni Medina, a 24-year-old mom of two from Rancho Cucamonga, California, is making headlines for her badass stance against breastfeeding shamers. Medina, her husband, and their youngest, 10-month-old Micah, were simply enjoying a day at Disneyland, psyched to take in the new Christmas decorations, when Micah got hungry. What happened next set the stage for a viral photo.

"My family and I are annual pass holders and try and take our son on weekends," Medina explains to "Well, this was our first day seeing all the Christmas decorations, so we were really excited to get all the holiday pictures in. We were standing in a long line to take a picture in front of the 'Cars Land' sign. It was almost our turn when my son just couldn’t wait. So in order to get a happy boy picture, I fed him in line. These ladies were seriously saying I should have found a restroom."

Even though Medina used a cover with her first son, it didn't matter, in her experience. "People complain and stare no matter what," she says. "But I couldn’t believe they were being like this at Disney! It’s meant for kids!"

In an inspired moment, Medina thought to ask her husband to take a picture of her and Micah with the scowling spectators in the background. "I scooted so they could be in the frame to get a picture," she shares. "I didn’t know my husband actually got them so good! Mid-complaining. I love it, because it shows I’m happy and proud to feed my baby even in a crowd!"

She then took to Facebook to share the experience with the Breastfeeding Mama Talk community.

Unfortunately, on social media, Medina experienced a whole new wave of backlash. "I’m a little disappointed so many are shaming and focusing on the size of my breasts and that I’m standing in the crowd," she notes.

Thankfully, she received quite a bit of positive feedback from moms supporting her right to breastfeed in public however she wanted. "I’m overwhelmed by how much attention this picture got!" Medina says. "I just shared it in Breastfeeding Mama Talk to get some laughs from my fellow breastfeeding mamas!"

The bottom-line for the proud nursing mom? "I do respect others as long as they respect me and my right to breastfeeding uncovered anywhere I need," she says. "It’s not about size or how much your little [one] tugs. This picture is the reality of breastfeeding." Cheers to that!