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This Mom Draws Her Baby Girl into Some Epic Adventures, and We're Kind of Obsessed

Thu Phan's two-dimentional creations of her 20-month-old daughter Banksii are both awe-inspiring and envy-inducing. Check out the photos.

When I post pics of my kids on Instagram, I'm lucky if I even have time to slap on a filter before clicking the "share" button. Which is why I am completely in awe of Australian mom Thu Pham, who turns her posts of 20-month-old daughter Banksii into legit works of art.

Old skool arvos #idontwantnoscrub #banksiiantics

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"Those who don't jump will never fly" #lifequotes #banksiiantics

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See what I mean? Even her inspirational captions are spot-on. Her feed is totally addicting—once you start scrolling through Banksii's illustrated two-dimentional adventures, you won't be able to stop until you find out what she's up to next.

I'm a sucker for sales 🤑 #basicallymakingmoney #banksiiantics

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Is it weird that this toddler's faux world looks way cooler than my adult real one? I mean, check out this rendering of a mini boho glam Banksii getting her festival on at Coachella:

Rock on, girl!

So how does Pham craft these awe-inducing scenarios? By using the photo editing app PicsArt.

"I have a million photos stored on my phone and I just wanted to do something with them as they were sitting there being forgotten," she explained to The Huffington Post. "I did a basic sketch on a funny photo I had taken. My mind was going through all different types of scenarios that I could draw and I found myself spending hours drawing adventures on little Banksii."

Most recently, her little girl has taken up snowboarding:

Gone full rocker on the drums:

Have a smashing weekend everyone! 🤘 #fridayvibes #banksiiantics

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And gone out for a spin on a Vespa while decked in a blue tutu:

She is seriously #lifegoals! No wonder her account now has close to 14,000 followers! 

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