This breastfeeding mom got a little support from an unexpected source.

By Melissa Willets
February 11, 2016
Credit: Elizabeth Hunt Burrett

An Australian woman who thought she'd found a quiet place to breastfeed her baby boy at the Melbourne Zoo soon got an unexpected audience: An orangutan!

Mom Elizabeth Hunt Burrett posted about her unusual encounter on Facebook, writing, "Just wanted to share with you all this amazing breast feeding experience. While celebrating my daughters 3rd birthday at the Melbourne Zoo my 13 week old got hungry while we were in the orangutan enclosure. I took him into a quiet corner away from the crowd to feed, Then this happened..... This mummy came to investigate and she watched the whole feed."

Far from feeling violated by the animal's blatant staring, Burrett said, "It was the most beautiful thing!!!"

Indeed, in the picture she shared it seems like there's a lot of mutual admiration going on between the moms of different species. But Burrett joked she didn't exactly get the private breastfeeding experience she'd planned on.

"Now everyone in Melbourne (well not everyone) has a picture of me feeding as once one person saw what was going on the word spread fast and they flocked to see what was happening. I felt like I was on exhibit lol," she wrote, adding, "I'm very happy to report that there was not one nasty comment made about me feeding in public."

Well, after seeing this photo, how could anyone say anything nasty? If this doesn't prove that breastfeeding is natural, I'm not sure what could!

What's your reaction to this viral photo?

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