Her parents were told she would never make it to see winter, making this photo all the more touching.


There's nothing quite like the magic of watching your child witness the season's first snowfall. Especially when you'd been repeatedly told that your sweet five-month-old baby girl would never survive to see winter.

Meet Clara Ray:

At just 12 weeks gestation, her mom received the devastating news that her baby had something wrong with her heart.

"I was told she will not survive," she wrote in a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page. "I left the office in tears and heartbroken."

But Clara Ray fought her way to 18 weeks, with her heart beating slower and slower. "I was told 'She's going to be still born, save yourself the pain,'" her mom recalled. "There was little to no hope for my baby."

Still, the little girl kept fighting. And on June 14, she was born via C-section at 37 weeks, then taken straight to Boston Children's Hospital, where at six days old she had her first open-heart surgery. She finally came home on July 21, a little over a month later.

"She is a miracle," her mom wrote. "This is her seeing her first snowfall. She absolutely loved it. I can't explain the emotions we felt as we watched that smile come across her face. Pure. Joy."

What a beautiful girl with an amazing story! Never underestimate the power of a heart warrior, no matter how tiny!

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