The Pen That Lost His Lid

Remember this life-changing video from St. John Ambulance? St. John Ambulance put it together after surveying 4,000 parents and realizing that 4 out of 5 didn't know how to save a choking baby.

Since the UK video's successful social media campaign (7.7 million views and counting!), the lives of at least 36 babies have been saved, simply because an adult spent 40 seconds watching the video.

"When my baby son Jax started choking it was an especially scary moment ... I'd seen the St John Ambulance advert a few days earlier, so I flipped my son over on to my leg and after the third back slap I gave him, he coughed," shared Becca Hensman, a British mom, with Huffington Post UK. "If I hadn't seen that advert I'm not quite sure how I'd have reacted but, thankfully, I had so I knew what to do straight away."

To help save more lives, St. John has released a free digital picture book called "The Pen That Lost His Lid." The same characters from the video (Pen, Princess, Peanut, and Jelly Baby) are back to teach parents and kids, ages 3-7, the proper techniques for dislodging a foreign object from baby's throat. Learn more about the illustrated book at

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Screenshot of the book pages from The Pen That Lost His Lide