A mom who's a huge Harry Potter fan designed this magical nursery fit for a wizard. Brilliant!

By Melissa Willets
March 25, 2016

By the time you get to your fourth child, you have to get a little creative with the nursery theme. Ergo the Harry Potter-themed nursery designed by mom Tiffany Nicole. She told BuzzFeed it was now or never to pay homage to the series she says she grew up with and impacted her childhood and now that of her kids.

"My husband and I made the decision that this would be our last baby," the super-fan said. "Creating the nursery took a little less than two months."

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Nicole

I'm impressed! Painting a nursery a boring green color and picking out curtains took me about the same amount of time.

The Harry Potter theme covers nearly every inch of the baby's room, from the Albus Dumbledore quote stenciled on the wall, to the Hogwarts quilt adorning the crib (which we are sure she won't leave there when there's a newborn in it!). And every bookshelf is jam-packed with memorabilia that would make even Lord Voldemort smile.

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Nicole

Tiffany's Harry Potter obsession is a family affair. "We did a Harry Potter-themed birthday for my 6-year-old back in January, and we did Harry Potter-themed Christmas presents for my son last year," she says. "They both have robes and wands, and my son has his own broom. My daughter went from wanting all things Frozen to all things Harry Potter. It's amazing."

Of course, once their baby is old enough to move, they'll have to remove most of the small touches that present choking hazards. Unless they know of any magic spells to keep him safe!

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Nicole

Want to replicate the look for your soon-to-be born Hermione or Harry? Tiffany says she got most of her Harry Potter decor from Etsy, Amazon, and the Noble Collection.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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