When her baby brother had to wear a special helmet to treat flat-head syndrome, one big sister rallied her family in a unique show of support.


I'll never forget the story of a dad who got a tattoo to match his son's surgery scar in a show of solidarity for what he was going through. Now comes another story about solidarity among family members that will give you all the feels.

family that wears helmets together stays together
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/shayna.gutierrez.92

A Texas baby named Jonas had recently been diagnosed with plagiocephaly, otherwise known as "flat-head syndrome," and needed to wear a helmet to correct the condition. So his big sis, 3-year-old Camila, started wearing a bike helmet to make him feel better. Go ahead; say "aww." I'll wait.

But it gets cuter. Dad Gary Gutierrez was inspired by his daughter's kind gesture, and also put on a helmet. Mom Shayna shared a photo of the trio, clad in their helmets, sitting down to eat at their kitchen table to Facebook, where it promptly went viral. Because, love.

"Solidarity in the Gutierrez home," the proud mom captioned the photo of her family wearing the helmets.

She told Parents.com, "We are so grateful for the positive response and support we have received! We are so blessed that Jonas' helmet is such a minor condition and we hope that everyone can take the time to support and love on other people and parents in their community who may be struggling with any of the wide array of special or medical needs that life can throw at you."

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Gutierrez also told us, "We hope all parents know that they are doing great and that they feel love and support when they are doing their normal routine on a Saturday morning like we were. If your child struggles with any kind of challenge that can affect your day to day life just know that you are loved, supported and accepted!"

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