To celebrate Mother's Day, smart home security camera Canary paired up with three brand new moms to capture what really happens that first week back from the hospital. 

May 11, 2018
Credit: Canary

When Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital mere hours after giving birth, tongues wagged not only about her prominent post-baby bump (because it doesn't just miraculously disappear instantly after labor and delivery) but also how polished the Duchess looked. As she always has, every time she's made an immediate post-birth appearance outside St. Mary's Hospital. The argument that the royal tradition sends an unrealistic message about what moms really look like so soon after giving birth is a valid one. Thankfully, plenty of mothers are willing to take to social media to share a reality check. Take, for example, the three moms behind a new Mother's Day project produced by Canary, the smart home security camera manfacturer.

Melissa Sberro, Cortney Sellars, and Dorian Smith-Garcia all welcomed their babies this spring. They agreed to let Canary set up cameras in their homes to capture everything about that first week with a newborn. From coping with midnight tears to navigating breastfeeding challenges, the video captures what those first days as a new mom really look like. And it is heartwarming, eye-opening, and all sorts of emotional.

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Sberro, now a mother of two whose newborn Camille was born April 5 shared of the experience, "Since I am a second time mom, I kind of expected a lot of chaos. Which there was. However after you have been through it once the experience is different. It wasn't any less of a blur but it's easier to embrace/enjoy the sleepless nights since you realize how fast the time goes in the first days. I think the video did a great job of providing an accurate picture of the first days home with a new baby. There are so many emotions and crazy messy moments but its really beautiful. I think the video did a good job of showing both the highs and lows. After they were set up they kind of just ended up blending into our lives. Some of the footage captured was very, very unfiltered. It was fun to look back on it and see what we are really like when we are just doing about our daily activities. Especially with the kids."

Sellars, now a mother of one whose newborn is Nathaniel, born April 18, felt the video "did a good job capturing those first moments and what it’s really like. My first week home definitely differed with what I was expecting—I thought it would be a tad easier than what it’s been and I didn’t foresee how exhausted I would be! I was so wrapped up taking care of my son it was so hard to think of anything else, too—I totally forgot the cameras that captured the footage were even around!"

And Smith-Garcia who welcomed her first L.O., baby Taylor on March 23 felt that it was "a little surreal to watch the footage and even more it felt like a lifetime ago! The first few weeks were definitely a blur, but even more they were a little jarring because you’re trying to learn a new routine while getting used to the new baby and the experience is overwhelming. It felt like trial by fire! It’s such a contrast from now at almost 7 weeks where I feel like I have a routine now with Taylor." To her, the most surprising thing was that she "didn't have a meltdown. The whole initial process is really overwhelming in that first week home. You go from being a couple, to having a new baby. But when you’re in the hospital, you have an amazing support team of nurses who make you feel like 'this can’t be that hard!' Then, you get home, and it hits you that this little baby is completely dependent on you for everything. You adjust, but that first week is intense."

No kidding! But that is just one of many reasons it's so fantastic and normalizing to see the behind-the-scenes of that first week. Props to these moms for putting it all out there—and for all moms for doing their absolute best in those grueling but amazing first days with their new addition.


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