The little girl's middle name is far more than a tribute to the beloved breakfast food.

By Maressa Brown
August 16, 2017

When Chris Danzig and his wife Sari welcomed their baby girl this past May, the parents-to-be -- like many couples -- couldn't agree on a name for their child. So, they struck a deal. "Sari could pick the first name if I could pick the middle, no vetos allowed," Danzig recalled in a recent Facebook post. "She chose Mia -- which I actually do like -- and I chose Pancake."

Credit: Chris Danzig

Explaining to a friend on Facebook how he came to decide on the incredibly unique middle name, Danzig shared, "You always have to take extra care when making your first pancake cause you don't know if the griddle is hot enough, if there's enough butter in the pan, etc. When she was in utero we called her pancake (cause we had to be extra mindful when making our first pancake). ... I wanted to keep that term of endearment with her throughout life."

Credit: Chris Danzig

Furthermore, the new dad hopes "it will prevent her from taking herself too seriously. Life is a bit absurd -- it's helpful to have a reminder of that from time to time." So sweet!

Credit: Chris Danzig

While the Danzigs' family and friends agree the reason behind Mia's middle name is incredibly heartwarming, the couple has had their fair share of funny reactions to the moniker, as well. "The funniest reaction was from my fairly conservative uncle whose brain melted for a solid 30 seconds," Chris tells "He just froze, mouth agape staring at us. He had no idea how to respond. Ultimately, my aunt jumped in with some kind words to help pull him out of his pancake-induced daze. It was amazing."

Credit: Chris Danzig
Credit: Chris Danzig

Thinking about how he'll explain the special middle name to his daughter at some point in the future, Chris notes, "The fun part is that she will almost certainly know her name before knowing why it's unique. At some point she'll ask why there's a breakfast food named after her -- that will be the segue into explaining just how much more there is to 'Pancake" than she ever imagined!" Cheers to uniqueness -- and congrats to the Danzigs' on their beautiful little Mia Pancake!

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