Moms who don't want to or can't go back to work full time can join The Second Shift to be matched with part-time jobs in various fields.
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"Make it work for you" is the tagline on the homepage for The Second Shift, a company dedictated to helping women find that ever-elusive balance between work and family.

Founded last January by friends and moms Jenny Galluzzo, 38, and Gina Hadley, 46, The Second Shift works by matching professional women with part-time gigs and projects that fit their particular skill sets.

The idea for the site was born when Galluzzo, who previously worked in journalism and TV production, and Hadley, a former marketing exec, realized they were surrouded by so many educated, talented women in New York who had stepped out of the work force to spend time with their kids.

"Jenny and I said, 'We really think we should do something to get all these amazing women back to work, fractionally,'" Hadley told the New York Times.

And so they did.

The site curently has 300 members, with 500 more under review, and they've so far successfully placed moms in 45 project-based jobs. Membership is free—when a job is successfully matched, employers pay 15 percent of the total fee on top of the agreed-upon salary, and members have 5 percent deducted from their payment as a service fee.

Hilary Neve, who does PR for Google, hired a woman through the Second Shift and told the New York Times she's glad to have access to this highly skilled work force. "We like to have diversity be a part of every team we have," Neve said. "We love having women who have experience and wisdom. Maybe they have opted out of the work force for some time but have highly valuable skills."

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