This Chiropractor Mom Is on a Roll With Her Diaper-Changing Hack

You have to see this easy diaper-changing technique that will protect your baby's spine. Watch the video tutorial here.

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A few weeks ago, we told you about Emily Puente's genius pain-free hack for carrying your infant's car seat. Now the chiropractor mom from Texas is at it again, with a cool diaper-changing technique that will protect your baby's spine.

According to Puente, changing diapers the traditional way—which involves lifting both of the baby's legs up over his or her head—puts a lot of stress and strain on the low back. And since babies who are not crawling have not yet developed their lordotic curve in their lumbar spine, all this stress can have a negative impact as Baby grows.

Instead, Puente reccommends rolling your baby to change diapers—something she told she once saw in a video—in order to limit the strain on the spine. Watch her demonstrate the handy technique in a video she made for the Bridge Family Chriopractic website:

"By doing this roll technique it's going to take the stress off that low back and make it so we're not going to have an effect on the cervical curve," she explains. "After baby is crawling you don't have to be as careful about that...but up until that point we do want to be more careful."

Looks simple enough, right? So simple, in fact, that Puente told us she still uses the method with her 20-month-old!

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What do you think—will you try it?

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