A Disney superfan mom crafted a princess dress and baked an apple cake for her daughter's precious first birthday photo shoot.

By Melissa Willets
February 03, 2017

Okay, it's official! Maryland mom Paula Courange is the Pinterest mom of the year! Yes, I know it's only February, but come on; she's amazing.

Not only did Courange, who is a self-proclaimed huge Disney fan, crochet a Snow White dress and hair bow for her daughter Amelia's first birthday, she also baked an apple-shaped smash cake, and arranged a professional photo sesh with photographer Casey Dugue.

Snow White photo shoot apple
Credit: Courtesy Casey Dugue Photography

"The dress took me probably a month off and on," she told ABC News, adding, "If you put it in hours, it may have been 48 hours all together."

As for the cake? Courange says, "Putting it together only took two hours, but the frosting was a pain in the butt." The innovative mama shared that she used a Tootsie Roll fruit chew for the leaf, and "a regular old Tootsie Roll as the stem."

Snow White photo shoot dress
Credit: Courtesy Casey Dugue Photography

As Murphy's Law dictates, of course, little Amelia wasn't feeling well during the photo shoot—but no, it had nothing to do with love sickness for her Prince Charming.

According to her mom, little Snow White lost interest in the cake pretty quickly.

Snow White photo shoot cry
Credit: Courtesy Casey Dugue Photography

I'd venture to guess that even if Amelia was at 100 percent, she may still not have been very into the cake. I recall my daughter actually being terrified of the giant Elmo cake I bought for her first birthday. (And no, I didn't bake it, okay? And she wore an Elmo T-shirt from Target, if you must know.)

As for little Amelia, she's lucky to have a talented mama who plans to create more princess looks for her. "The next one I'm going to do is Belle, since 'Beauty and the Beast' is coming out," Courange told ABC.

We can't wait to see those enchanted photos!

Photos used with permission of Casey Dugue Photography. Find her on Facebook.

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