Anyone who is a fan of Nutella will be reaching for the nearest jar after seeing the sweet photos of this baby's indulgent birthday treat.

By Melissa Willets
June 06, 2017

When it comes to smash cakes, we thought we'd seen it all! From a Snow White-themed photo shoot featuring an apple cake to a little guy who celebrated his first with a Philly food smash, celebrating the first big milestone in a child's life with a unique confection has never been more popular.

It was only a matter of time, then, before the Nutella smash cake made its debut.

nutella smash cake
Credit: Vallone Photography

Roslyn, New York-based maternity, newborn, and child photographer Benedetta Vallone says she always tries to offer her clients different options for a first birthday session smash cake, from yogurt to paint.

But this was the first time a family chose a Nutella "cake." And clearly, little Giuliana kinda loved it.

nutella smash cake is a big hit
Credit: Vallone Photography

Vallone says that at first, Giuliana, whose parents got a custom-made dress and jar for the shoot, wasn't so sure about touching the ooey-gooey vat of hazelnut goodness.

But she told about how she loosens up her mini-clients, "We have a good time. I sing a lot of songs with them. I don't force them into it, because then it's all down the drain!"

nutella smash cake by vallone photography 1
Credit: Vallone Photography

It's clear the little birthday girl has adopted a love for Nutella, which actually, I am totally craving right now after seeing Vallone's photos! Blame it on pregnancy or just the fact that Nutella is delicious!

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