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I'm a sucker for the funny, fleeting faces babies make. Their expressions can go from deliriously happy to inexplicably stormy and back again in the blink of an eye. It's amazing.

So when I came across this oldie-but-goodie video today (thanks, Facebook friends!), I couldn't help but share it. It stars a sweet-looking baby sitting in his high chair, holding an ice cream cone. He's giggling, his eyes are sparkling -- all is clearly right in his world. Then a man off-camera asks him to show his "evil look," and just like that, the boy's smile turns into a scowl and his eyes narrow like an exasperated adult's. But in true baby style, two seconds later, he's back to his jolly self.

Check out the full video below. We dare you not to laugh -- and then watch it six more times in a row.

Tell us: What funny expressions or faces does your baby make?

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Image of baby courtesy of YouTube 



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