Everytime we look at this baby's Kiss-inspired hair, it shocks us!


A 7-month-old Pennsylvania baby named Theo literally has so much hair, it's kind of hard to believe his rock-star-like mane is real. So when his mama Adrianna Alfano Cherkas posted a video of the lusciously-locked tot to YouTube, it wasn't long before Ellen came a callin'.

That's right; little Theo has made it to the big leagues, appearing as a guest on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." During the segment, the host jokes that Cherkas might want to insure that amazing hair.

[iframe width="575" height="324" src="//widgets.ellentube.com/videos/0_q6pf6pf5/" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]

In truth, taking care of Theo's 'do, which his mama has never taken a scissor to, is no easy undertaking. Cherkas shampoos it and applies leave-in conditioner. She even takes a blow dryer to the lucky baby's billowing tresses. And lest you think Theo's hair isn't the real thing, DeGeneres gives it a tiny tug, and proves that those locks are no wig.

And as it turns out, hair of the gods runs in Theo's family; his older brother Brody also sports an impressive head of thick, dark locks.

At the end of this adorable kiddo's turn on "Ellen," DeGeneres gifts him with a mini Kiss outfit so the tyke can go trick-or-treating dressed like true rock royalty. We can't wait to see a pic of him in his costume!

And P.S., most of us are truly jealous of that healthy head of hair, Theo. So continue to take good care of it!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.