A photo of a baby's luscious 'Anchorman' hair sent Reddit users into a Photoshop frenzy—and the results are hilariously adorable.
Credit: DoubleCrossGender/Reddit

My daughter was pretty much bald until she was almost 3, so I can understand the excitement of Reddit user DoubleCrossGender over her newborn baby cousin's full head of luscious hair.

"My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman," the proud aunt posted, along with a picture of herself and the suave little nugget—who happens to be a girl. "I can kiss my days of being the cutest relative goodbye."

Sadly, she may be right. Since being submitted four days ago, the shot of the impressive tyke has already been viewed more than three million times. Why? Because the Internet reacted in a way only the Internet could—by turning this delicious child and her seriously awe-inspiring mane into a meme. Which means the poor little girl's wavy side-swept locks have now been photoshopped onto everything from a bottle of Head & Shoulders and a shot of Michael Jackson getting his moonwalk on, to Harry—make that "Hairy"—Potter and the top of Trump's head, which in my opinion, is actually a pretty big improvement.

Here are a few more of our faves:

new kid
Credit: Reddit

New Kid on the Block.

full house
Credit: Reddit

Lookin' good, Uncle Jesse!

wayne newton
Credit: Reddit

Vegas, baby!

dos equis
Credit: Reddit


Check out the Photoshop battles Reddit thread and let us know which one is your fave.

In the meantime, we'll leave you with this:

Credit: Reddit

See? It totally looks better like this, right?

Which just begs the question... Why haven't we seen this thing photoshopped onto Hillary yet? Or on any woman for that matter? I mean, the baby is a girl, after all. So where are all the newly shorn Beyonces... The cropped Kardashians... the short and sassy RBG?

Someone better get on that STAT.

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