This Baby Vs. Small Object Instagram Could Be the Cutest Thing You See Today

ICYMI: Check out this adorable Instagram photo series for a dose of adorableness. Baby versus a carton of eggs? Guess who won!

When Alexandra was born prematurely, her mom Jen started to chronicle her growth in an adorable series of images on her Instagram account she called "Baby versus." As in, baby's size versus that of a bottle of sparkling cider, school supplies and a carton of eggs.

Most of the time the object won, because Alexandra was so tiny. Soon other parents joined in on the fun, using the hashtag #weebabyvs, and posting their pics of their tiny tykes versus things like a football and a doll.

As a mom of three, I can absolutely vouch for the fact that even if you don't have a preemie, it's always shocking to see how small babies are when they are born. All three of my girls weighed just around 6 pounds at birth, so this was especially true with them. I remember placing the girls in their car seats or cribs when they were newborns, and laughing out loud at how tiny itty bitty they looked! Or buying clothes for them while I was pregnant, and thinking, "There's no way they'll be small enough to fit in this!"

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I love how mom Jen is remembering her baby's size in such a creative, fun way. Because as we all know, kids grow so fast! (Alexandra is now two.) Now she can always look back at these images and recall just how small Alexandra once was, and how very far she has come.

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