This Baby Dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' Is Everything You Need Today

We can't stop watching this adorable video of a dad and baby dancing to Michael Jackson.

If you've ever tried to Moonwalk across your kitchen floor and come up short, it's probably because you weren't wearing feetie pajamas. Case in point: Check out Baby Miles. He may not even be four months old yet, but this little guy has already got the move pretty much nailed down.

In a now-viral video called "When It's Just The Dudes At Home," dad Adam Ballard helps Miles go full-on King of Pop while rocking out to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" in a Mickey Mouse bib and onesie. Oh, and the little guy is strapped to his dad's chest in a Baby Bjorn the entire time.

"Home alone with my son Miles, we find 'creative' ways to pass the time," Ballard wrote on YouTube. Creative is a pretty big understatement. More like funky and strong. Or smoothly criminal. Just watch:

It's pretty good, right? And can we just discuss how chill this little dude is? He didn't cry or freak out once during the entire three minutes and 48 seconds of his performance. Take that, Mariah!

"He's a pretty easy going baby lol," Ballard explained in the YouTube comment section. "And these shenanigans are nothing new to him."

We don't doubt it. Can't wait to see what these two will do as an encore. While the options for their next father-son collab are pretty endless, we're thinking Ballard should probably steer clear of "Billie Jean"—"The kid is not my son"—and instead stick with a classic like "ABC" because hey, he can teach Miles the alphabet at the same time! We'd also love to see them bust out a little "Mama-se, mama-sa, ma-ma-coo-sa," because while we still don't know what it means, we think it would be bomb to watch Miles try to say it. Shamone!

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