This couple surprised their friends and family with their newly adopted baby and caught their reactions on video.

By Hollee Actman Becker
May 19, 2016
Credit: Lacey Renee/Facebook

Stop before you read another word and go grab a box of tissues or 10. Because if this video doesn't leave you with a face full of happy tears within the first three seconds then I don't even know if you're actually alive.

The story goes like this: A couple named Lacey and Banks Farris had been trying for years to have a baby, struggling with everything from unexplained infertility and late miscarriage, to failed adoption.

It was completely heartbreaking. Which is why, after so many false starts in their efforts to build a family, the couple decided to keep the fact that they had been successfully matched with a birth mother on adoption site on the downlow, not even sharing the good news with close friends or family.

"Waiting was the most difficult thing," Lacey told BabyCenter. "No one is going to know how you feel unless they have gone through it. All the tears and all the prayers—when you finally get what you were longing for, it is so worth it. Waiting through the darkest moments is so hard."

But Lacey and Banks did finally get what they were longing for—a beautiful baby girl named Finley, who they were able to successfully adopt at birth. Woo hoo!

Since no one knew the couple had even been matched, they decided to show up with their little bundle of joy on the doorsteps of all the important people in their lives, in order to share the news and film all the jaw-dropping reactions. The result is an amazing compilation filled with expressions of shock, surprise, awe, joy, and ultimately, love.

"The reveal was incredible," Lacey said. "For Finley to grow up and see how happy everyone was to see her—it meant everything."

Of course, Finley's not the only one who gets to see it. After Lacey posted the video to Facebook, it quickly went viral with more than 250,000 views. "We're overwhelmed by the amount of support and love we've gotten from strangers," she told ABC News. "We posted this video to tell Facebook, our friends and family, that we adopted. It was our big reveal. Then the shares everyone did and the amount of love that was poured out was instant."

So. Much. Love. Finley is one lucky girl. Congratulations and best wishes to this beautiful family!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on twitter at @holleewoodworld


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