By Sherry Huang
February 10, 2015
Beverley Mitchell

There's no doubt that Beverley Mitchell (who played Lucy on "7th Heaven") is on cloud nine!

Mitchell announced the birth of her baby boy, named Hutton, on Instagram, along with an adorable photo.

Kenzie is proud to announce the arrival of her sweet baby brother, Hutton! Thank you for all the love and well wishes!

This is the second child for the actress, who also has daughter Kenzie Lynne (almost 2) with her husband, Michael Cameron.

The actress shared her pregnancy in September and later told People that she was "terrified" about having a boy. During the birth of her first child, Mitchell also shared with Celebrity Baby Scoop, "I have never been more comfortable in this new role and love it so much." So we're sure she'll take to raising a boy naturally!

Now that Mitchell has given birth, we're focused on Jessica Biel (who played Lucy's older sister, Mary) to give baby Hutton a playmate!

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