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These Twins Do Everything Together—Including Giving Birth!

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I'm not a twin, a fact that's always bugged me. Growing up, I envied the closeness that these special siblings shared. Even though my sisters and I were pretty tight, our bond seemed to pale in comparison to theirs. The twins I knew had such a deep, obvious connection with each other that they knew when their sibling was in pain or felt happy or scared. Heck, some even spoke their own secret language.

So it makes sense that twins would also share major life events, like giving birth. At least, that was the case with Karen Escobar and her identical twin, Kathy. When Karen felt the first stirrings of labor on June 17, the she headed straight to The Woman's Hospital of Texas with her sister in tow.

Though Kathy was also pregnant, she was more than ready to support her sister in the delivery room. It was a safe bet: The twins were seeing the same ob-gyn, who never dreamed they'd have their babies on the same day, the hospital's CEO, Ashley McClellan, told

But in true twin style, Kathy also went into labor, and the sisters ended up delivering their babies within two-and-a-half hours of each other. Kathy gave birth first, to daughter Aimet Angela, at 5:33 a.m. Karen followed by delivering son Liam Antonio at 7:42 a.m.

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Thankfully, both births went off without a hitch, and the moms and babies are all doing well. Congratulations, Kathy and Karen!

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