These twin sisters have two sets of doubles each!

twin sisters with twin babies
Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

This is just too cool: Identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall from Salt Lake City have given birth to sets of twins—for the second time!

Bunker—who already has 4-year-old twins, a girl and a boy—was told she'd never have kids again. Not surprisingly, she told Inside Edition that she and her husband were in shock when they got the news about her most recent pregnancy.

"Our jaws dropped," she said. "We weren't trying for kids, we weren't expecting them, not one, let alone two."

Wall, whose hands are already full with her 5-year-old twins girls, said she actually did want another child, but added that she and her husband were still dumfounded when her ultrasound showed it was going to be another set of doubles.

"That's when I felt super shocked," she said. "It was a surprise."

Wall gave birth eight weeks early, and Bunker's duo also arrived ahead of schedule, about a month before her due date. But according to Inside Edition, each set of twins and their moms are perfectly healthy and doing just fine.

And while the sisters joked that they will never be able to do dinner again, they are confident they can get through it all together. "Yes, there are days I'm frightened," Wall said. "Oh my gosh I think, 'What am I gonna do with four kids?' But we've done it once. I think we can handle it."

Bunker agrees, but admits she's still in a little bit of shock. "Both of us still look at each other and think, 'Did this really happen?"

Congratulations to both big, happy families!

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