For parents of a preemie, the NICU can be confusing and terrifying. This couple is trying to help insert some hope.


"You simply cannot rush a miracle..."

So begins a recent Instagram post from Jourdan and Matt Moore, who welcomed twins Jaxson and Cadence four months early back in 2015. The duo spent more than three months living in the NICU, but now the 16-month-old brother and sister are healthy and thriving at home; and the Moores are sharing images of their amazing journey as a message of hope.

Like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

"The purpose of our social media accounts is to spread hope to preemie parents," Jourdan explained to The Huffington Post. "If we didn't expose where we came from, some of our most difficult moments, then we wouldn't be fully revealing the depth of the joy we are enjoying today."

"In the NICU you focus on survival day by day, sometimes hour by hour," added Matt. "It's not a brightly lit nursery with a big window for people to gaze in, like you see on TV. It's a dark, quiet, private space."

He's so right. My daughter was a preemie, born at 32 weeks, and the walls outside the NICU that was her home for a month were lined with framed pictures and stories of the hospital's "graduates"—former NICU babies who were grown up and thriving. I read those stories and stared at those pictures every single day. And while I couldn't actually ever imagine my daughter being up there on that wall one day, those images, and the possibility they represented, are what kept me going.

So big ups to the Moores for generously sharing their twins' journey, and inserting a tiny bit of hope into a place that often feels hopeless. Their babies are amazing—and so are they!

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