Ever the good sport, Bolt has been offering thoughtful commentary on each of them. His words of wisdom have ranged from the ultra flattering ("Epic" and "Future star") to the gently encouraging ("Practice makes perfect" and "Almost there.. Little more practice.. Lol").

That last comment was reserved for the photo Jonathan Mulkeen posted of daughter Amelie doing her lightning bolt (pictured at right). While most of us parents bristle when anyone says anything less than complimentary about our babes, it seems criticism is a little easier to swallow when it comes from someone famous. Or is it? Mulkeen told, "It was great that Bolt took time to respond to the picture, even though he did say that my daughter's pose could do with a little more practice. I should screen grab Bolt's tweet and the media coverage it has been getting so that I can show my daughter in years to come — but it would be just my luck that she isn't into sport whatsoever and her reaction would be, 'Usain who?'" (Burn!)

Zingers aside, the Olympian's gig as a one-man judge is winning him a lot of fans -- and a ton of attention. News outlets here and around the world are reporting on the phenomenon, and just this morning, the runner declared it the week #BoltBabies. One look at those sweet faces and I couldn't agree with him more. Now it's your turn: Have you seen your baby do the lightning bolt? What are some of the crazy poses you've seen so far?

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Image of Amelie courtesy of Jonathan Mulkeen via