These Parents Chronicled Their Preemie's First Year in the Most Epic Way

They recorded her journey in one-second snapshots for 365 days, and the result is this sweet video.

My daughter was born eight weeks early and spent a month in the NICU. She's 14 now, and the details of that first worrisome year are sort of fuzzy. But if I want to look back on her amazing journey, it requires busting out four heavy old-school photo albums, plus two boxes worth of clippings and hospital bands and various other baby paraphernalia.

Which is why we don't do it very often.

It's now 2016 and times, of course, have changed. Just check out the way this family of a preemie documented their daughter's first year of life:


What an amazing tribute!

"Our daughter was premature, arriving a month and a half early," wrote YouTube user Hamsteak in the video's caption. "At the time, we had no idea what the future may (or may not) hold. We took things one day at a time, capturing and cherishing the moments. Today is my Daughter's first birthday. I have recorded her journey through life each and every day for the past 365 days to share with you all the laughs, cries and adventures."

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Pretty cool, right? And not all that difficult to do, thanks to an app called 1 Second Everyday. Have you heard of it? Because I hadn't. But here's how it works: You film one second of your life every day using the app, which then stitches together all those moments into a single continuous chronological movie. So amazingly simple, and yet the finished product is surprisingly moving! Which is why the app has become a hit with new parents eager to look back on that incredible first-year journey—including Drew Barrymore, who reportedly used 1 Second Everyday to document life with daughter Olive.

It's a pretty cool concept, and one I'd definitely like to try as a way to celebrate of one of my kids' next big milestones. Meanwhile, this particular video—which ends with the family gathered around a big cake singing Happy Birthday while rocking red clown noses—has been a hit with its more than 38,000 viewers, including Cesar Kuriyama, who just happens to be the founder of 1 Second Everyday.

"This just made my day," he wrote in the comments section.

Ours, too.

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