This sweet video of preemie twins holding hands will make you melt.

newborn twins holding hands
Credit: Anthea Jackson-Rushford/Facebook

A video of premature newborn twins born in Australia is going viral. Why? The babies were born holding hands!

Kristiana and Kristian were born on January 4 at 28 weeks, and weighed just 2.2 pounds each, according to new mom Anthea Jackson-Rushford. She took to Facebook to post the video of the twins holding each others' tiny hands while their father cuddles them against his chest. This type of skin-to-skin contact is known as kangaroo care, and it's been shown to help boost preemies' health and wellbeing.

"He actually holds her hand!" says a voice off camera. "How is that possible?"


To date, the video had racked up 10 million views and counting. And lest you think this was a one-time thing, the proud mama posted another shot of the dynamic duo holding hands a few days later. "Both my angels holding hands again as if they were born to!" she wrote. "Amazing sight!"

A few days later, they were at it again. "As you can clearly see, they can't stop holding hands!" their proud mom wrote.

So sweet!

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