St. John Ambulance Choking Baby video

Do you know what to do when Baby is choking? If you don't, watch the new animated video below on how to save a choking baby.

The video, titled "The Chokeables," was created by St. John Ambulance, a first-aid training organization with branches around the world, and is being shared on social media. Every parent can benefit from watching the 40-second video, which features objects that babies commonly choke on (such as a pen cap, a marble, a broken crayon, and a nut). The objects are voiced by three British actors, including Sir John Hurt, who appeared as Mr. Ollivander, the wand-maker, in the Harry Potter movie series.

A princess figurine demonstrates the following steps to save a choking baby:

  1. Lay your baby face-down on your thigh. Give him up to 5 back blows.
  2. If that doesn't work, turn your baby over and give him up to 5 chest thrusts until the airway is clear.
  3. If the chest thrusts don't work either, call an ambulance immediately.

So far, at least seven people have saved choking babies after watching the video, reports The Mirror.

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