Let's just call it Norman Rockwell-adjacent.
authentic family portrait
Credit: Jeff Frandsen/Reddit

You know all those annoyingly flawless Christmas cards we're all gonna be bombarded with in about a week or so? The ones that feature the perfectly-coiffed families in their perfectly coordinating ensembles with big, matching, perfectly plastered-on smiles?

Well, this definitely isn't one of them. What this is, is a very real glimpse at the life of dad Jeff Frandsen, as viewed through a pair of decidedly crooked Warby Parker glasses.

Frandsen posted the authentic family portrait to Reddit yesterday, and the Internet quickly showed him the love in the comments section. Here are some the most inspired observations:

"That dog is trying to take a serious picture and y'all [sic] are messing it up," joked one Redditor. "Rude."

"As a guy with glasses and two little kids, I sympathize!" added another. "Those things are a sheer irresistible temptation for the little folk."

Pretty funny, right? But the award for the most creative offering goes to a third user, who compared the photo-gone-haywire to a poster for an upcoming screwball comedy:

"It looks like the cover of a Seth Rogan movie about a dad struggling to get rid of his immature college habits in time for Christmas when his prudish in-laws come for a visit," he wrote. "But then at the end he holds a big speech about how there needs to be a balance between immature Rogan jokes and serious stuff, and then it ends with him serving his in-laws hot-dogs on Christmas eve."

Amazing. And can someone please make that movie happen because I now totally want to go see it.

In the meantime, whether or not Frandsen plans to use the shot for the family's actual Christmas card remains to be seen, though he later wrote on Reddit that he's definitely considering it.

"Considering it?" responded one commenter. "If you don't, the entire human race will be disappointed in you. Don't let us down."

Yep, what he said.

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