The photo of newborn twin brothers Lucas and Cooper Keen holding hands has gone viral, but there's more to their story.


Scottish twin brothers Cooper and Lucas were born in 2013, and the two instantly shared an unbreakable bond.

Sadly, Cooper suffered brain bleeds in utero, according to the Daily Record, and had to be hospitalized for the first five weeks of his life. When Lucas went to visit him in the hospital, their mom Kerrie Keen captured a now-viral photo of her boys as they held hands in the incubator.

cooper and lucas holding hands
Credit: GoFundMe

Cooper, whom his mom describes as "loving and fun loving" on his GoFundMe page, has since been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. But despite his challenges, at 3 years old, the twin boys are still as close as ever. "They are brilliant together, Lucas is such a lad but when it comes to Cooper he's really good. He totally understands Cooper and he really tries to help him," Keen told the Record.

Cooper needs more help than Lucas alone can give him, though. As Keen writes on GoFundMe about her son, who is being fitted for an electric wheelchair, "We are now in a position where Cooper is becoming heavy to carry up and down stairs and we now desperately need our family home adapted to suit Cooper's disabilities and his needs."

cooper in his wheelchair
Credit: GoFundMe

She adds, "What we desperately need is a bedroom downstairs for Cooper and to also widen doorways to ensure Cooper has access with his wheelchair. Also, to give Cooper full access to our garden would be fantastic!"

Ultimately, the Keens want to create a happy home for their inseparable boys, as any parent would. Learn more by visiting the GoFundMe page.

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