There's so much beauty and meaning in just one photograph of biracial twin baby girls Kalani and Jarani Dean, whose big brother died too soon.


You may recall biracial twins Kalani and Jarani Dean, whose story went viral when they were born last year. Now, the adorable little girls are celebrating their first birthday, and to mark the occasion, Wisconsin-based photographer Mary-Kathryn Nourse of Elite Photography has captured a beautiful image of them, and also revealed that they are rainbow babies.

The twins' mama, Whitney Meyer, had tragically lost her 2-year-old son Pravyn when he drowned in the pool at daycare. So to honor their angel brother, Kalani and Jarani sit in a milk bath surrounded by colorful blooms.

"I have had this subtle flower rainbow milk bath image in my head for months now," Nourse explained to, adding, "I was already planning a 1-year session with the twins and then realized they are rainbow babies a few days before their session, so I figured they were the perfect girls to do it with."

mary-kathryn nourse elite photography
Credit: Elite Photography

The photographer adds, "When I mentioned the set-up to their mom, she was very excited to have a photo that also represented her son that she lost."

Now that this latest image is going viral, Nourse says, "I am so thrilled that it has reached so many people because it carries so many important messages with it." She also told us, "To have an image that impacts people's emotions like that is what I strive for. Not only are photographs there to capture time/memories but they can be a great way to tell a story and pull at your heart strings."

The photo shoot that produced this powerful and gorgeous image didn't quite go off without a hitch, though. As Nourse told The Huffington Post, "You would sit one down and the other would crawl off and vice versa." Still, she says the girls have an incredible bond, and despite their young age, are already providing hope and encouraging equality for people everywhere.

Photo used with permission. Find Elite Photography online and on Facebook.

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