The former Bachelor and the winner of his final rose share their summer plans with son Samuel—and their best travel tips!


Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Lowe are furniture line designers, Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card spokespeople, and yes, the only couple from The Bachelor to get engaged on the show and stay married in the show's 21-season run. Sean and Catherine are now "Daddy" and "Mama" to son Samuel Thomas, who is approaching his first birthday and some other exciting summer firsts.

Sean says he thinks first words are right around the corner for Samuel—and it’s firmly Samuel; no nicknames like Sam or Sammy. Although, the former Bachelor says, “His mother has all types of nicknames for him and none of them make any sense.”

“I've always been somebody who makes up nicknames and then they evolve into something that really is just gibberish or sound,” Catherine admits. “Right now, his nickname is Sweet Boo.”

The entire sweet Lowe fam, almost 20 people in total, are getting ready to kick off a family vacation in Seattle and a cruise up to Alaska. But while Bachelor Nation watched the couple fall in love adventuring around the world and Sean and Catherine are still big travelers, things are a bit different now with a baby in tow.

“I think that a lot of people get anxious, which is totally normal with a new baby, knowing that they might get fussy and start crying,” Catherine says. “I think that something that is nice for new moms and new parents to know is that if your baby cries [on an airplane], everyone is wearing headphones. It's fine, it's not as big of a deal as it is in your head.”

The couple preps extensively to keep their tot content in transit. “It's a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Catherine and I both prided ourselves on just taking carry-ons when we traveled before Samuel. And now, that is out of the question,” Sean jokes. “We have to pack the stroller, and we have to pack a bottle warmer, and all of the diapers and toys.”

Their biggest parenting fail so far? A poopy lapse in that prep right near home.

“I could not wait to get him in this sweater and he just looked real fresh. And the moment he gets to church, he blew out up to his neck. It was gnarly,” Catherine laughed, admitting she didn't bring a change of clothes for the little guy. “He was in church in a diaper and naked in November. It was crazy.”

So on the Alaska venture, Sean confesses he’s looking forward to turning Samuel's diaper duty over to Grandma so he and Catherine can sneak away for a bit.

“We know that it's so important to focus on your marriage and you gotta make your spouse your priority,” he says. The days of extravangant dates arranged in the Bachelor mansion long-gone, Sean says the couple makes a point to plan date nights and find ways to make staying close to home special.

“Recently, we did this staycation in Dallas. We were able to just hang out, order room service, and hang out by the pool,” Sean told us. Catherine added, “You can do a staycation and realize there's a whole new world to your little city or your town.”