The mom who went viral by spoofing April the giraffe's live labor video has given birth and just announced it with the perfect photo. 

By Melissa Willets

Unless you've been living under an acacia tree (with no Internet access), you've probably seen the viral video of expectant mom Erin Dietrich, who hilariously donned an April the giraffe mask to spoof the (mostly boring) live video feed of the pregnant animal.

Well now Dietrich, whose Facebook live video garnered 30 million views at time of writing, is done waiting. She has given birth to her fourth child, a boy named Porter Lane.

Of course, the South Carolina-based mom isn't done with her antics. She posted a LOL-worthy image of herself holding her new baby in the hospital, while wearing her trademark giraffe mask, and clutching a tiny, stuffed-toy giraffe.

Sadly, the real April is still waiting to push out her (potentially) 150-pound calf. Ouch.

Here's hoping the birth of baby Porter is a good omen for April, who has seemingly been ready to give birth forever. It's a feeling many very-pregnant moms can relate to. I recall at the end of my third pregnancy how every day felt like a week. Indeed, from the time I hit 35 weeks, my life became an eternal waiting game that felt like it would never end.

But it does end. Babies always come out. So hang in there, April! Soon your perpetual pregnancy will seem like a distant memory when you are cuddled up next to your (giant) baby.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.



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