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Tess Holliday Shares a Sweet Snap of Her Baby Boy That Mom-Shamers Couldn't Resist

The model and mom of two took to Instagram to share a new photo of her son Bowie in a pink car seat. Cue tongue-clucking from haters!

Tess, Nick and Bowie Juniper Holliday at pre-Oscar event Alison Buck/Getty Images
Outspoken supermodel and mom of two Tess Holliday never fails to share super-honest glimpses of her life on social media. A couple of weeks ago, she explained how an Uber driver was giving her a hard time about her health, and many times, she's fired back at body shamers. But most recently, she took to Instagram to share something ridiculously adorable: a new photo of her baby boy Bowie Juniper, who will turn 1 in June.

Holliday captioned the shot, "Bowie's loves to make this face now & I melt/laugh hysterically everytime he does it 😭😂😩😍." 

Ha, you can totally see the L.O.'s personality is shining through in this shot! What a happy little guy!

Of course, while a commenter or two felt the need to "tsk-tsk" the fact that Bowie's car seat is pink, most followers piped up in support of Holliday's pick for her son. One wrote, "My son bought a pink Unicorn car seat - my daughter's car seat is a blue pirate one! Both of them loooove all colours and i'm really proud of these cool kids 💚😍 my son said 'colours are for everyone!' 💜💚💛💙" and another shared, "Pink is for everyone! My baby boy had on a pink polo today and totally rocked it 💋💕💖 #pinkallday."

Yes to all of that! And let's be real: Whether it's a car seat or a couture outfit, any style choice Holliday makes is bound to be on-point.