The model and mom of two took to Instagram to share a new photo of her son Bowie in a pink car seat. Cue tongue-clucking from haters!

By Maressa Brown
April 30, 2017
Tess, Nick and Bowie Juniper Holliday at pre-Oscar event
Credit: Alison Buck/Getty Images

Outspoken supermodel and mom of two Tess Holliday never fails to share super-honest glimpses of her life on social media. A couple of weeks ago, she explained how an Uber driver was giving her a hard time about her health, and many times, she's fired back at body shamers. But most recently, she took to Instagram to share something ridiculously adorable: a new photo of her baby boy Bowie Juniper, who will turn 1 in June.

Holliday captioned the shot, "Bowie's loves to make this face now & I melt/laugh hysterically everytime he does it ????."

Ha, you can totally see the L.O.'s personality is shining through in this shot! What a happy little guy!

Of course, while a commenter or two felt the need to "tsk-tsk" the fact that Bowie's car seat is pink, most followers piped up in support of Holliday's pick for her son. One wrote, "My son bought a pink Unicorn car seat - my daughter's car seat is a blue pirate one! Both of them loooove all colours and i'm really proud of these cool kids ?? my son said 'colours are for everyone!' ????" and another shared, "Pink is for everyone! My baby boy had on a pink polo today and totally rocked it ??? #pinkallday."

Yes to all of that! And let's be real: Whether it's a car seat or a couture outfit, any style choice Holliday makes is bound to be on-point.