The model and mom of two boys took to Instagram to give her own mother a sweet shoutout, and then acknowledged moms from all different backgrounds.

By Maressa Brown
May 14, 2017

Supermodel Tess Holliday has always been an outspoken advocate of body acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity. So, it's no wonder that on Mother's Day, she took to social media to show her own mom love — and then immediately broadened her holiday message to recognize all different kinds of moms.

Holliday started the passionate post — which features a photo of herself as a kid with her mom — by writing jokingly of her own mom, "Happy Mothers Day to the woman who thought it was a good idea to let me have this haircut ?. Really though, thank you for always giving me freedom to express myself, even if it resulted in this ?."

She went on to acknowledge that "Mothers Day sucks for a lot of people," and asked her followers to "please remember that today." She went onto write, "Shoutout to moms regardless of gender & sexual orientation. Shoutout to birth moms, adoptive moms, & foster moms. Shoutout to the moms that are no longer with us, moms who have a lost a child or aren't able to parent because of mental health, addiction, etc. Also, shoutout to the kids like me from families of abuse that made it, & those who didn't. We all deserve love & compassion- today we hold a space for you. ?#mothersday"

For recognizing that the holiday isn't always flowers and mimosas for everyone out there, and that there are so many ways that you can come into and experience motherhood, Holliday deserves a round of applause.

Followers and fans are undoubtedly grateful to the celeb mama for her love and compassion. In the three short hours since she shared the post, it has over 12,000 likes and a bevy of comments. "That's the first time someone has included a mum like me in their list (ones who aren't able to parent because of mental health issues)," one follower wrote. "That was so wonderful to read. Thank you. (Literally sobbing and I'm surprised there aren't any typos, I can barely see! Haha)."

Another shared, "Ahhhh thank you so much for your wonderful words. My mom died 8 1/2 years ago and this day is still really difficult for me, seeing posts like this really makes me feel acknowledged and still loved ❤️❤️."  So touching.

It's apparent Holliday knocked it out of the park with this pitch perfect Mother's Day tribute. Not that we'd expect any less from her!


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