This new uncle went viral when he suited up to meet his sister's new baby.
teen in suit holds baby
Credit: Iris Kessler/Twitter

It's the adorable, viral story sweeping the Internet. Ohio teen Grant Kessler was so excited to become a new uncle, he donned a suit to the hospital to meet his new niece because you know what they say about first impressions!

Iris also later shared a photo of Kessler holding his newborn niece, named Carter. Yeah, she seems pretty impressed.

While Carter may not appreciate her uncle's efforts for quite some time to come, there can be no doubt that his darling gesture has made a lot of people across the web smile. And I have a prediction for Kessler: If he puts as much effort into finding a soulmate or his dream job as he did into meeting baby Carter, there can be no doubt that his future will be mighty bright!

What is your reaction to Kessler's "first impression" look?

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