Taylor Swift's Song 'Gorgeous' Features Ryan Reynolds' & Blake Lively's Daughter James

After hearing 2-year-old James Reynolds obsess over her lyrics, Taylor Swift knew the celebutot would be a perfect addition to her latest song. 

James Reynolds Voice In Taylor Swift's Album
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Taylor Swift is well-known for her #girlsquad—the singer/songwriter frequently makes public appearances with a gaggle of her celebrity girlfriends around her—and now it appears she's added a tot to the mix, taking BFF Blake Lively's daughter James under her wing. On the pop star's latest album, Reputation, you can hear the voice of James Reynolds opening the track Gorgeous.

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After both Reynolds and Lively liked an Instagram that Swift posted sharing a snippet of Gorgeous, Swift's notoriously invested fan base began to speculate that James was behind the vocals. It wasn't until the album dropped, crediting James in the album booklet, that fans gained validation that it was, in fact, the 2-year-old's sweet sound.

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively's Daughter James
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Swift (who mentioned both Reynolds' and Lively's names in the Look What You Made Me Do music video) and Lively have been friends since 2015. According to People, the couple was visiting Swift when she played them Gorgeous on the guitar. After the personal performance, James became infatuated by the word "gorgeous"—inspiring Swift to record her for the track.

Talk about baby's big break! We can confirm that James' little cameo is super-cute. Plus, she's got serious bragging rights (um, for the rest of her life) for having influenced the award-winning music mogul.

James Reyonlds With Mom Blake and Dad Ryan
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And who knows, James may have a future as a pop star herself—after tackling pre-school first, of course.

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