"Get ready for a little bit of everything in this clothing-subscription box. Our designers curated their favorite items of the season, making it super easy to style your little sweetie."

By Lauren Pardee
February 23, 2018
Courtesy of Target

It’s fair to say that we all swoon over the sight of baby clothes—it really doesn’t get much cuter than those tiny outfits, right? But, parenting encompasses a lot more than being a baby stylist (unfortunately) and when it comes to priorities, shopping for the latest looks falls pretty low on any to-do list. Luckily, our BFF Target has a simple solution you may appreciate: The Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box.

Sure, some might say Target is just bandwagon-ing on the subscription box trend, but this box could be helpful for busy parents.

When heading over to Target’s website, you are greeted with four simple tasks: Pick out the gender of your baby as well as the proper sizing (from newborn to 24M). Then you wait to receive 6-7 unreleased pieces as well as a surprise gift. Upon arrival, decide on the looks you love and return any disappointing finds. You'll receive a new box automatically every time Target launches a new season of styles.

Since your baby is constantly growing, automatically receiving new boxes might seem useless—but don't stress. You can order the box as a one-time thing, or continue to receive seasonal packages that provided clothing one size bigger than last season. You can also go online to manually adjust sizing between boxes to guarantee the best fit.

Each box will cost you $40 and—according to Target’s website—subscribing will save you 5 percent. This may not be the most cost-effective box, but you’re paying for convenience and the newest looks before they hit stores—promising one exclusively stylin’ baby.

Target has used Cat & Jack as a platform to launch some pretty cool kids’ products, including a clothing line for kids with physical disabilities and a line of sensory friendly clothing for kids with autism or sensory-processing sensitivities. By supporting Cat & Jack, you can feel excited about trusting a brand that is willing to positively support children who need products that are less accessible.

We can confidently say that Cat & Jack is an insightful brand worth checking out—only you can decide if it is the right move for you and your little fashionista.


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