Cheese balls, wine, and a baby. The perfect ingredients for a successful newborn photo shoot.

target mom is back
Credit: Heather Pippin of Inspired By a True Story Photography

Remember the mom from the Target maternity shoot who had you nodding along and saying, yup? Well now, she's back showing off her newborn son Malin, where else, at the retail location where you can get everything you'll ever need for survival as a new parent, of course!

Target mom is actually Page Miller, a St. Louis, Missouri-based photographer who previously teamed up with her friend and fellow photographer Heather Pippin of Inspired By a True Story Photography. Also on hand for the first shoot was Miller's 3-year-old daughter, Avery.

The two photographers reunited for this shoot, which features Miller and Malin among the aisles of the superstore, loving on one another.

Behind the fun of this photo shoot is a bittersweet story. Miller lost her son Clarke to SIDS when he was only three months old. As you can see, baby Malin is wearing a Superman onesie, meant to honor Clarke. "We try to integrate him into everything we do," she told KSDK news. But the symbol isn't meant to be sad; instead, the family's new normal includes keeping Clarke in their lives.

target mom and baby
Credit: Heather Pippin - Inspired By A True Story Photography

The photogs think the idea of a maternity and now newborn shoot in Target is just so relatable and that's why people love it (even if they had to cut the shoot a bit short as Pippin wasn't feeling well). "We just recreated the photos that seemed most popular," she says. "It was fun and we actually got permission from Target and they were excited to have us as well."

target mom and baby take the bath aisle
Credit: Heather Pippin of Inspired By A True Story Photography

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Here's hoping there are more Target mom and baby pics to come in the future! Maybe a first birthday party in the bedding department?

Photos used with permission of Heather Pippin of Inspired By A True Story Photography.

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