Could this newborn photo shoot be any more fitting for a little guy who made his surprise appearance in a supermarket? We think not.

Canadian mom Ashleigh Miller-Cross didn't even know she was pregnant with a baby boy when she unexpectedly went into labor and delivered her son Ezra in a local supermarket.

She'd just given birth 10 months prior to a baby girl. "I presumed I hadn't lost any weight because I only had Mia 10 months ago, so I mean I didn't grow any extra so it's just the same size. I didn't have any cravings," the new mom-of-two told a local news station.

But after she started having intense pain during her food run, an employee helped her deliver the baby in the store's bathroom!

"I opened the door and Ashleigh was there and the baby was halfway out," Malcolm Comeau, the store's assistant manager, told the Love What Matters Facebook page, adding, "She just screamed at me, 'I'm having a baby!' and I automatically grabbed my phone and dialed 911."

Despite the intensity of the birth, and the fact that it was a total surprise, Miller-Cross has an awesome sense of humor about the situation. She agreed to have baby Ezra photographed by Jen Matchett of Branches Photography, in a grocery store shopping basket, surrounded by food items.

"The idea for the grocery store basket photo was my idea," Matchett told "It came to me as soon as I heard the story."

After seeing a post on Facebook, she donated the newborn session to the family.

And the results are adorable:

jen matchett branches photography
Credit: Branches Photography

My favorite part is the shopping list! Milk, check. Bread, check. Baby, check!

jen matchett branches photography 2
Credit: Branches Photography
jen matchett branches photography
Credit: Branches Photography

Aw, and it looks like little Mia is one proud big sister.

We're sure little Ezra's entrance into the world won't soon be forgotten!

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