'Saturday Night Live' celebrated Mother's Day with a funny sketch about the hairstyle most moms seem to get.

By Hollee Actman Becker
May 09, 2016
Saturday Night Live celebrated Mother's Day with a funny sketch about "the cut" or hairstyle most moms seem to get.
Credit: Saturday Night Live

If your Mother's Day was anything like mine, then it started the previous evening with your entire family squished in bed together watching 'Saturday Night Live.'

'SNL' has a long history of hilariously "honoring" mothers—who could forget the infamous faux Mom Jeans commercial?—and the show didn't disappoint this time around with a sketch about "the cut" that sounds like it's about circumcision but so totally isn't.

Host Brie Larson played an expectant mama at a baby shower being thrown for her by a bunch of new neighbors. She's just unwrapped a couple of burp cloths with little duckies on them, when one of the guests—let's call her Mom #1— knowingly inquires "So, when are you becoming a mom?"

"My due date is July 14th," Larson innocently responds.

"Oh no no no," says Mom #1, carefully setting down her wine glass. "That's when you're having a child. But when are you becoming a true mother. You know, when are you..."

"When am I what?" asks Larson as a look of something pretty close to fear crosses her face.

"She wants to know when you're getting The Cut, sweetie," explains Mom #2, bringing her hands up to fluff her abbreviated hair style.

And then it suddenly all become so clear. Being a mom is not about having a baby. It's about scoring yourself some mom hair. The kind that's a "soft waterfall in the front and knives in the back." And "looks like you're going to a formal event but on the way got struck by lightning."


Poor Larson then looks around, realizing in horror for the first time that she is, in fact, surrounded on all sides by The Cut.

"I don't think that look is for me," she nervously tells the mom posse, who basically laughs her off and then schools her on how they each knew it was time to get chopped. Tales range from buying bowls of fake fruit and pigs in chef's hats, to not being able to leave a wedding without taking home a centerpiece.

"One day something will break inside of you," Mom #1 explains, "and you'll know it's time to get the cut."

I'm on year 13 as a mom and I've so far managed to escape this fate. How does Larson fare? I don't want to ruin the ending... but it's pretty funny!

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