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Have your goosebumps gone down since last week's Father's Day video from Toyota? Prepare yourself for another tearjerker of a commercial, this time courtesy of Angel Soft.

But instead of addressing the main man in our life, the tissue company is giving a shout-out to single moms, who often find themselves taking on the exhausting role of both parents. The two-and-a-half-minute video features a handful of adults talking about how, for various reasons, their mamas had to be the head of the household and how the women raised them with a combination of compassion and toughness. To wit, one man said his mom taught him how to defend himself. "She was like, 'When you punch, you put your knuckle out and you just go for it.' I don't even know if that's a thing." (#Love)

The adults, who by this point are weepy (as am I), close by thanking their moms for all their hard work and love and wishing them a happy Father's Day. Though this message is sweet, it doesn't sit well with some people, who believe that dads deserve at least one day in the spotlight for themselves. I can see their point, but I'd argue that single moms deserve the day, too, since they're assuming the duties of both parents. (Likewise, single dads should enjoy extra love on Mother's Day!) After all, raising kids is tough enough with a partner, and I can't imagine how trying the job is when you're doing it solo. If you're taking on the gargantuan task of being mom and dad to your children, why wouldn't we celebrate you on both days?

Check out the full video below—and be sure to have a tissue nearby!

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Screenshot courtesy of Angel Soft via YouTube