Another day, another celeb mom getting attacked for her "imperfect" parenting!
Jessa Duggar Seewald
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Mom shamers are back in effect on Instagram and this time, Jessa Seewald (Duggar) is the victim. Jessa Seewald Duggar posted a cute video of her son, Spurgeon, pretending to sneeze while waving a tissue around...and she came under fire for it. Why? Because mom shamers are everywhere.

While many social media users find the clip adorable, some feel the need to point out that Spurgeon is still holding a bottle—and they feel the need to tell Seewald her 22-month-old is "too old" to be drinking from a bottle. Um, how is that anyone's business?

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Seewald has come under fire—she recently became the victim of mom shaming after posting yet another photo of her son with a bottle.

The hubbub surrounds a photo the reality star posted of her almost 2-year-old son Spurgeon drinking out of a bottle. Gasp! Sanctimommies subsequently accused Seewald of poor parenting, since her 22-month-old is not fully weaned from bottle feeding.

Predictably, commenters weren't shy to share their views. Some supported Seewald and said their toddlers were also still bottle feeding.

"There is nothing wrong for him to be drinking out of a bottle, like for milk as long as he is using a cup. It's a process. Like another mom said pick your battles. NOT EVERYONE Will AGREE SO GET OVER IT, EVERYONE....." one mom wrote.

Agreed another commenter, "As a mom of 2 who used bottles until 3 and they have perfect teeth and normal jaws etc etc etc the hype is BS! Stop rushing babies to grow up !"

"Keep doing what's best for your family!" chimed in another mama. "He is still a baby! We are the only culture that pushes our babies to become mini adults by 12 months old! I have an 18 month old that still nurses and uses a pacifier, but self weaned from bottles at about 11 months. Sometimes I wish she would still take a bottle to give me a little break."

But other commenters insisted that a 22-month-old child should not be drinking from a bottle. "Right, cause paying attention to scientific research that indicates tooth decay is far more prevalent in children who use a bottle past the age of one makes people haters, right? Just because 'many' people do something doesn't make it consistent with the majority of pediatrician's current recommendations," a commenter blasted Seewald.

It's true that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends bottle weaning by 18 months of age. The AAP also cautions against co-sleeping, and we know how many parents practice that anyway! Of course, it's always a good idea to follow pediatricians' advice about what is safest and best for children. But this is real life! We aren't all perfect parents in every moment, and in every situation.

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If you're looking to wean your baby off of the bottle, Cathy Sundsmo, MD, a pediatrician at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers in San Diego recommends you start when you introduce solid foods at around six months old, and keep the bottle only for meal time. "I advise never to allow a child to be put to bed with the bottle due to increased risk of dental carries from the sugars in milk that remain on the teeth. Also a chance of increased ear infections with sipping milk from a bottle in bed while falling asleep.  Also, children do not develop good self-soothing techniques to comfort themselves when trying to fall asleep independently."

And if you're a bit beyod that age, don't underestimate the power of stickers. "I recommend special rewards like a sticker chart to show progress when eliminating the bottle, or working for a special prize when they start to wean off the bottle, and giving kids a special sippy cup that is filled with water that they help pick out and they can carry it around with them during the day so that they know it is theirs to drink from when they are thirsty," Dr. Sundsmo says. But in the end, remember: "Every child is different for how long it takes to wean off the bottle because there is a big emotional connection to sipping from a bottle.

So, why exactly are we shaming Seewald because her son still drinks out of a bottle? This does not make her a bad mom by any stretch of the imagination. P.S., Spurgeon drinks kefir, so clearly his mama cares about his health! What is your take?

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