Oklahoma's Glenpool Fire Department just welcomed seven new members to their squad—the firehouse may just need its own designated nanny! 

May 23, 2018
Oklahoma's Glenpool Fire Department Dads
Credit: mat277/shutterstock

What could possibly be better than a group of attractive, manly fireman? Attractive manly fireman with babies, of course! As it turns out, seven firefighters of Glenpool Fire Department in Oklahoma have all become new dads in the past year, and we have the incredible photos to prove it.

According to CBS news, all the firefighters and their wives spend plenty of time with one another in and outside of the station. This amazing coincidence was too great not to capture on camera—the tight-knit crew waited for the last child to be born and then they organized a photo-shoot, matching baby outfits and all.

"We're a really close group so we were glad we took the time to capture the babies with their daddies," Melanie Todd, whose husband is in the department, told CBS News. "Now we just look forward to seeing them all grow up together."

We are swooning over the shot of the babies hanging out together on their dad’s jackets! Check out the crawler of the group—soon enough these men are going to have their hands full.

It is incredible to think that these co-workers are going to experience parenthood together. (Hopefully, they all don't take their paternity leave at the same time, for the sake of the town, of course.) They not only have each other for professional support, but they can navigate fatherhood as a team—most likely starting with extra coffee each morning. Congrats to the Glenpool Fire Department on their honorary little ones! How cool is this big, happy family?