The cute clip of sisters Maddie and Scarlett pretending to be Elsa and Anna has 31 million views and counting!

By Maressa Brown
April 01, 2017
Frozen dolls
Credit: Catherine Lane/Getty Images

When a mom from Philadelphia, PA named Colleen Jordan first shared a video of her toddler twin daughters with her social network, she probably didn't expect that it would become a viral sensation. But the clip, which features the little girls Maddie and Scarlett, recreating their favorite scene from Frozen, is so outrageously adorable and accurate, it's not hard to see why people can't stop watching and sharing it. Wearing Elsa and Anna-esque onesies, the tiny twins watch the snowball fight scene and mimic every move and even sounds their favorite Disney characters make.

The video, which Jordan originally posted on March 27, has already racked up over 31 million views to date! Check it out.

These two have that snowball fight scene down pat, right? They practically became little Elsa and Anna in that moment. Too cute! These girls are undoubtedly two little stars in the making!