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Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith found this out firsthand last month when she and Mendeecees Harris tied the knot on live TV. The beautiful bride was moments away from walking down the aisle when her 5-month-old daughter, Skylar, decided she needed to eat. So Smith did what any mom would do and fed her. Since she's breastfeeding, that meant having to free one ta-ta from underneath a jewel-encrusted wedding gown and nursing while friends and family—and TV cameras—waited in another room. (Gee, no pressure or anything!)

An obvious breastfeeding pro, Smith finished up minutes later, looking flawless and ready to get hitched. But thankfully, not before her wedding photographer captured the tender moment, which the celeb

posted later on Instagram "OMG @timefrozen you captured my life in a nutshell in this pic," she wrote. "Baby Skylar started crying right before I walked. I had to walk down the isle (sic) a little late because I had to feed her. I love this picture. Thank you for capturing this without me even knowing. Lol. #smithharriswedding2015 #moderndomesticegl"

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She's not the only one going ga-ga over this gorgeous pic—it's gotten more than 92,500 likes on Instagram so far, with commenters calling it "awe-inspiring" and "breathtaking." And it definitely is. But to me, the photo also shows what all of us parents do for our children, which is to put their needs before our own, whether it's a random Wednesday or our wedding day.

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