Most delivery room pictures (mine included!) look a little something like this: sacked-out mom holds swaddled-within-an-inch-of-his-life newborn and grins wearily for the camera. But a new series of pictures burning up the Internet may make parents-to-be want to rethink their first family photo.

Toronto couple Frank Nelson and BJ Barone welcomed their son, Milo, on June 27 the way most of us do: with overwhelming joy, lots of tears, and maybe even a little fear. Unlike most of us, though, the first-time dads were lucky to have professional photographer Lindsay Foster on hand to record the moment they first held the baby, before his umbilical cord was even cut. (She was shooting the birth as a gift for her friend, who was also the couple's gestational surrogate.) They were also fortunate that the midwife gave them a heads-up to remove their shirts right before the birth for some important skin-to-skin time with the baby.

The photos are, simply put, extraordinary. Every time I look at them, I'm immediately back in the delivery room, cradling my brand-new son, and drinking in everything about him. And considering how quickly the pictures went viral, I bet I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Pride Baby Lindsay Foster Photography

"She absolutely captured the most beautiful moment," Nelson told Today. "I was completely overwhelmed. I was so scared of dropping the baby. Mostly, the feeling was of joy and love and amazement."

Barone added, "I was so excited, so overjoyed, so overcome with emotion, it was an incredible moment I will never forget. The fact we have this photo, it's a reminder of how much love we have for him."

Surely making Milo's birth that much more special was the fact that he was born during Toronto's World Pride gay rights festival. "That picture, to us, represents what pride is all about and how far the LGBT community has come," Nelson said. "Love is love, and that's what pride is all about."

Congratulations to the new family!

Tell us: Do you wish you would have hired a professional photographer to shoot your baby's birth?

Photos of the new dads and Milo courtesy of Lindsay Foster Photography via Facebook